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Perkbox is an employee rewards scheme like no other. We’re transforming offices everywhere into happiness hubs, putting smiles on faces with a unique selection of freebies and big brand discounts, as well as the odd hand-delivered surprise. Hand-delivered by someone anyway. Probably the postman.
If you’re an employer you can find out more about Perkbox here. If you’re an employee, we recommend nagging your boss, baking them a cake (we recommend this a lot), including subliminal Perkbox references in your PowerPoint presentations, and developing a cough which sounds like the words ‘employee rewards’.
Hell yes! Just make sure you give yourself an account. Everyone deserves a reward now and then, even if it’s you who’s handing it out.
You’ll need at least five employees to start using Perkbox, but there’s no limit on how many people can join. The sky’s the limit! Or the capacity of our servers. One or the other.
Start to finish, we aim to have you all set up within five days. Obviously due to things we can’t predict (like tube strikes and freak tornadoes) that might not be possible, but we’ll always do our best to get you going as quickly as possible.
Well this is a situation we’ve all been in. No worries though, just click 'Don't know your password?' on the login page and we’ll email you a reset link. Alternatively click here. Who knows what’ll happen?