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Office in need of a pick-me-up? Perkbox can help transform your business into a more productive and inspirational place to work, so let’s get started…

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What we do

Here at Perkbox, we think happy teams do great things. After all, people who love what they do, tend to do it best. That’s why we’re all about helping businesses create productive, more motivated places to work. See what you can do with the power of Perkbox...

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Save your team money

Our great selection of free perks and discounts can help your team save money and make their salaries go further.

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Reward great work

Premium rewards and fun, sharable badges give your whole team a way to recognise truly exceptional work.

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Stay fighting fit

Looking to get in shape? From workout to yoga, our wellness hub can help keep your team more fit and less flabby.

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What’s on offer

At Perkbox, we don’t just give your team hundreds of free perks, big brand discounts and incentivising rewards (though we do that too) – we also run competitions, send out goodie boxes, provide financial advice and fitness classes, and do just about anything we can think of to make your employees feel extra special.

Make your salaries go the extra mile

We can make your whole team feel like VIPs in their favourite high street stores by saving them money on the kinds of things they need everyday. Red carpets are optional.

Free phone insurance, 2 for 1 meals out, great price cinema tickets, supermarket discounts and tech discounts. That’s just a taste of what’s available. You’ll find hundreds more waiting inside. Not only that – we’ve got loads of financial services to help your team out with things like their home insurance, pensions and savings too.

Helping employees afford the things they want to do outside of work helps to create a tangible link between their happiness and your business.

Incentives worth shouting about

Every now and then someone does something so exceptional, it deserves making a song and dance about.

We want to help you bring your team closer together than ever. That’s why Perkbox gives you two ways to say ‘nice work’ whenever someone goes above and beyond the call of duty. Rewards are premium products and services you can gift co-workers. Badges are fun ways to recognise special achievements like ‘social butterfly’ and ‘master multitasker’ and (for admin use only) ‘employee of the month’.

Everyone likes to feel their work is appreciated. Show your team you value what they do and they’re more likely to continue exceeding expectations.

Healthy body, healthy mind

You’re at your best when you feel healthy. That might mean getting in a few extra reps at the gym, it might mean sitting cross-legged until you find inner peace. We definitely left it around here somewhere…

We created Perkbox Wellness to help your team feel great, inside and out. It’s a wellness hub – a special area of our website, full of expert video classes for yoga, pilates, cookery, general fitness and more. Try giving it a spin for a lunchtime workout. Yoga mats at the ready!

If you’re feeling a bit more energetic, we also give your whole team discounts in some of the UK’s biggest name gyms, including Fitness First, Virgin Active and Total Fitness. We can even help you split the cost and make bigger savings with salary sacrifice.

Surprise, surprise…

It’s all well and good having access to hundreds of the best perks the UK has to offer, but we think life without variety gets a little boring. That’s why we like to keep our members on their toes with fun competitions, plus the odd surprise freebie.

Competitions are run regularly, designed to get everyone in your office talking. Past prizes have included free beer delivered to your desk and massages for the whole office.

Not only that - we’ll send the occasional surprise perkbox, stuffed full of freebies for everyone to get stuck into. We won’t let you know when they’re coming (that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?) so we advise keeping an eye on the postman.

How it works

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As soon as you activate your account you’ll be able to log in and grab any of our 130+ perks. Browse the full selection or narrow things by category if you just fancy, say, technology-based savings.

Check out the dashboard too. Here’s where you’ll find everything you’ve ever redeemed, along with all your cinema codes. This is where we keep all your settings too, so if you want to swap out your password for something more secure, you’ll find the option here.


You’re not chained to your desk 24/7 (at least we hope not!) so your perks should be free to follow wherever you go. Our smartphone app for iOS and Android lets you get at your perks in the wild. So long as you have an internet connection, the power of Perkbox is in the palm of your hand.

That means you’re free to get great price cinema tickets in the queue for the box office, order a haircut while you wait for the bus, or buy a new iPad from your nan’s front room. Other geographic locations are available.


Hungry for power? We’ve got a great selection of tools to help you customise Perkbox to your heart’s content. Head over to your Admin dashboard to see what you can do.

From there you can upload your company logo and switch up the colours to match your own brand. Bringing the look of our website in-line with your own helps to strengthen that links between your company and our rewards.

You can also activate and deactivate users from the admin dashboard, as well as tracking usage and engagement. What is your company’s most popular perk? This is where you’ll find out.

Rewards and Badges

Rewards and Badges are two fantastic ways for your whole company to get involved when it comes to recognising great work.

Rewards are premium products and services any member of your team can gift each other. Think champagne hampers and gift cards. Or how about a trip to Vegas? You know what they say: what happens in Vegas, stays on your timeline forever.

Badges on the other hand, are quick ways to say 'nice one' to your co-workers. We've got badges for everyone from early-risers, to master multitaskers, so no one will go short of some much needed praise.

Let’s have a chat

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Want to know more about Perkbox? We have a whole team of dedicated happiness consultants who can walk you through everything we’ve got to offer. Book a call by clicking the button below and telling us when you’re free.

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