Get free multi-car family cover

Total Motor Assist


Special rates

  1. Save £29 on the usual yearly membership fee

  • FREE 24/7 accident recovery

  • Vehicle recovery free of charge

  • Repair your car to manufacturer approved standards

  • Deliver you a like-for-like replacement

  • 24/7 helpline

  • Total Motor Assist

    Total Motor Assist is not a car insurance or breakdown policy but, rather, a membership scheme ('the Service') that provides member benefits and services designed to ease the burden of the logistics and legal concerns which arise from accident-related vehicular damage and/or personal injury.

    24/7 nationwide accident cover Roadside recovery and vehicle repair included Keep your no-claims and avoid excess costs

    Protect your no-claims and don’t pay any excess with an insurance alternative for accidents which aren’t your fault

    Let’s get this out of the way first: this isn’t a replacement for your car insurance or breakdown. But claiming with Total Motor Assist works out much cheaper if the accident wasn’t your fault.

    How come? Total Motor Assist make their money from the guilty party’s insurance company. That means if you’re not to blame, they’ll pay out, without damaging your no-claims bonus or charging you some crazy excess. That’s good to know, when something isn't your fault in the first place.

    Total Motor Assist bring you 24/7 accident assistance, all around the UK.

    Cover is totally free with Perkbox, so all you need to do is register. Think of it like a top-up to your existing insurance. It’ll bring you peace of mind, knowing that you’re extra secure in the event of an accident.

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